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Corporate Services

Formation of Cyprus Companies

We can assist you in all aspects of a Company Formation, starting from drafting memorandum and articles of association to choosing a name for your Company within 10 working days.

Formation of Branches

A branch is part of a company and a company may have numerous branches. Each branch is not a separate legal entity and the company may operate all or part of its activities through a branch. The company is responsible for the obligations of all of its branches. Whilst each branch may have its own managers, the directors of the company are ultimately responsible for the activities of its branches.

Fiduciary Services

We provide the following nominee services

  • directors,

  • shareholders,

  • corporate secretary, and

  • a registered address as a registered office.

The appointed nominees hold the shares in Trust and/or act on behalf of the beneficial owners.
The beneficial owners are responsible for the appointment and removal of the nominee directors, secretary, and shareholders.
Under Cyprus law, every company must have a company secretary and a registered office address in Cyprus which is used as the company’s official address for the receipt of any official documents. “Registered office as a nominee service” means that your company will be registered legally at the provided address.
A “nominee shareholder” is the legal owner of the shares of a company. The nominee is obliged to hold the shares for the benefit of the beneficial owner and act under his instructions. Therefore a Trust Deed, which secures the rights of both parties, is signed between the beneficiary owner and the nominee shareholder. For foreign clients, it is advisable that the majority of the Board of Directors consists of Cypriot Nominee directors for the purposes of tax planning.
Therefore, a company can claim Cypriot residency and take advantage of the Cyprus tax system and tax treaties offered by Cyprus. According to Cyprus Tax Law in order to be considered as a tax resident in Cyprus, a Company must be managed and controlled in Cyprus. This means that the majority of the Board of Directors should reside and work in Cyprus.

Corporate Administrative Services

We assist clients with a full range of services as follows:

  • Preparation of minutes of Directors and Shareholders’ meetings

  • Maintenance of statutory records of companies

  • Conducting Company searches at the office of the Registrar of Companies

  • Completion and submission of company returns and other forms and notifications to the Registrar of Companies (annual returns, changes in share capital, directors or shareholders, etc)

  • Secretarial Services

  • Translation and legalization of documents

  • Opening and operating bank accounts

  • Provision of bank signatories and processing bank instructions

  • Registration of Trade Names and Trade Marks


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